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Travelling with children during Covid-19 normalization period

While experts are still learning about COVID-19, the most worrisome question comes up about risks for children. Dr. Mevlut Cengiz from Marm Assistance Medical Operations, explained that anxiety of Coronavirus creates distress for families and children more than the virus itself, and remarked major precautions to be taken on holiday with children.

  • Although the number of cases is low, always remember that children of all ages can become ill with Covid-19

  • Stay away from playgrounds and especially indoor play areas. Make sure that children wear masks in all public areas

  • Children must be over age 2 to wear mask

  • Ensure that children wash their hands with soap regularly during the day, especially before meals

  • Establish flexible but stable routine with your children

  • Make hand washing and hygiene fun for them with creative ideas

  • Remember that hand washing will protect not only from COVID 19, but also from other infectious childhood diseases and the ones causing diarrhea and vomiting

  • Avoid raw food (fruits, vegetables, etc.) during holiday, if not, make sure you wash them with plenty of water

  • Make children drink plenty of water. Do not wait for them to get thirsty to drink water

  • Avoid direct sunlight between 11:00 and 16:00

  • Take your hand disinfectant, thermometer, band-aid and your routine medicine with you when you go on holiday.

  • Find out the hospitals and pharmacies in close distance before arriving your holiday destination

  • Meet people in open air and always keep social distance

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