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          THE MALDIVES              WITH MARM TRAVEL

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Deserted islets, colorful flowers blooming on coral reefs, wonderful beaches, hundreds of fish and the fragrance of spices ...


Gained independence from England in 1965, the Maldives resembles a unique jewel in the middle of the Indian Ocean, consisting of 1200 islands, where only 200 of them are inhabited. While the Maldives locals live on 90 of these 200 islands, the remaining ones are operated for tourism.


The Maldives, one of the most beautiful holiday resorts in the world with its unique beaches, is a tropical paradise for those who love nature, sea and tranquility! Comfortable hotels added to this “idyllic” décor show the harmonious combination of nature and luxury.  The Maldives attract attention with their historical places and museums as well.

When to Go?


The Maldives have tropical climate throughout the year with average temperature of 30 degrees. Storms are rare in the Maldives since they are located in the equatorial belt. However, Monsoons affect the region. from May to September.  It is also important to note that April is the hottest month while December is the coldest in the Maldives.


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Places to Visit / See


  • With its perfect climate and rich underwater world, the Maldives are one of the most famous diving centers. The diving experience where you can see different underwater creatures together is a complete visual feast! There are also snorkeling tours for amateurs.


  • It is both fun and peace of mind to spend time on the islands, which are known for luxury hotels, comfortable facilities, romantic venues, spa and massage centers, water sports and underwater diving schools! Make sure you visit Cocoa Island, which is dazzling with its palm trees shaded bungalows, silky beaches, coral lakes and crystal clear sea! Soleni Dive Center is also an ideal place for those new to diving!

  • You can stay in Paradise Island, which is very close to Malé Airport and attracts attention with its wide range of facilities. Kurumba Village is one of the most visited spots.


  • Malé, the capital of the Maldives and where the majority of the population lives, offers lots of options for cultural tourism. Apart from shopping, you can visit Sultan Park, National Museum and Islamic Library. Remember to visit the surfing bays near Malé!


  • Fishing, the main source of living for locals, is a must try activity in the Maldives, especially the night fishing tours under the moonlight!

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